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February 28, 2011
books for special education

Kiki Reading at the Court's Kids Birthday Party 2010

This is a big week for birthdays, Dr. Seuss is Wednesday and we’re encouraging all our schools to read as much Seuss as they can. Friday, March 4th is another red letter date, for us anyway, it is Courtney’s birthday. She would have been 31 this year. She shared her birthday with another significant woman, our other sister, Jane. This had always been a big week in our home growing up. It still is.

Last year, we celebrated by reading in Courtney’s honor at our partner schools all week and donating over 4oo books in one day, her birthday.

Courtney always had so much fun with birthdays. I think she pushed pretty hard several years to make everyone celebrate the Birthday Week as opposed to just the Birth”day”. To say she made a big deal out of birthdays would be a complete understatement.

So, on her Birthday Week, this week, many of our partner schools will be reading in Courtney’s honor during circle time, during free reading time and some, during a special party time. I will be reading with my buddies at Hazel Dell in Vancouver, WA. We did this last year, party hats and books, and cake, I can’t wait. All this week, in addition to the reading, our little friends will get to take an extra book home. All this in celebration of a woman who loved children and specifically helping children with special needs to achieve their goals and thrive.

Stay tuned this week friends, as we share news and stories about this wonderful week!

Little by Little,


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