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A Great Weekend

February 27, 2011

This has been a great few weeks for Court’s Kids, last weekend we had our Spring Book Sort resulting in over 2,000 books ready to distribute to our partner schools. And this past Saturday we had our first event with a partner/donor, Mission Based Books in Ann Arbor, MI. They opened up their doors for area teachers to come and take as many books as they can haul away.

The snow kept some away but, at least 6 teachers showed up and left with lots of books for their students! I’m so excited, this is great news! And, more than that, proof that we (Court’s Kids) can really expand past the Northwest. Lately we’ve just been shipping out to all of these states. Our goal would be to find a donor like Mission Based Books who would be willing to work with us to support local special education programs in their immediate areas in as many states as possible.

This week is a great big week. Courtney’s birthday is Friday and we’ve already given her a big present…Saturday was a great kick off to the events we have planned for this week. Stay tuned!

Little by little,



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