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Another Big Weekend Ahead

February 21, 2011

This last weekend was a really big weekend for Court’s Kids. We had a little book sorting party where we sorted through boxes of donated books, packing them up, ready for me to pull and ship off to our partner schools. We sort our Books by the Boxful boxes into 3 categories, Pre-school, K-5 and 6th +. All in all we have 2,221 books ready to go. It was a great weekend!

One of the ways we can grow is to partner with used booksellers who have books to donate and pair them up with local schools and programs in need. This coming weekend we will have our first book giveaway with our partner, Mission Based Books in Ann Arbor, MI. They have generously set aside tons of children’s books for teachers to take. All they have to do is show up with boxes or containers, sort through piles of books and take whatever they need.

This started out as a tiny idea months ago. Lee and I were having one of our conference calls (he’s in Chicago and I’m in Portland) and we were talking about shipping costs and how at some point we’re going to have a tough time covering the shipping as we expand. So we thought about partnering with booksellers and connecting them with schools and programs in their area. I kind of thought this would be something that we’d do down the line, years from now. But, it has happened sooner than we thought. Actually, everything has, we’ve grown at a crazy pace.

Currently, we’re working with schools in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Arizona, Michigan and Washington, DC. I never thought that would be true this soon. But it is. And, we’re so blessed to be working with a great partner like Mission Based Books which helps non-profits to grow.

So, this coming Saturday, we’re holding, with Mission Based, a book giveaway. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area and want more information there’s still time to sign up. Email us at

Stay tuned as we share the results of what I just know will be a great weekend for partner schools and children in need of books.

Little by little,


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