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234 books on their way to DC and new readers

February 14, 2011

Late this afternoon I made a trip to visit my friends at our local Postal Annex up the street to ship out our latest set of Books by the Boxful books. Last week, through friends of Lee’s we  found our latest partner school in Washington, DC. Our new friends, a charter school, are just about to lose one of their sources of books for their programs, something that happens more frequently than you think.

Our Books by the Boxful program is designed to supplement programs just like this. There are so many of them out there, in need of a little support in the form of books. This program is simple and easy to support, we sent 2 boxes to our friends out east, it cost us just $29 per box to ship each box which, between the two boxes, held 234 books. If you’re interested you can help us cover shipping for other schools just like these.

Incidentally these two boxes were the last two I had stashed in our warehouse (actually my garage)

books for special education

Next to the trusty treadmill in my garage, books waiting to be sorted and distributed

so our sorting event this weekend couldn’t come any sooner. We have lots of boxes of donated books to go through this weekend. My hope is we’ll have a pretty good stash of books for our schools and their programs for the spring and a bunch leftover for new schools we’ll add soon.

Little by little,


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