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February 13, 2011

To say my, now 22 month old, little boy is obsessed with the ABCs would be an understatement. We are all about the ABC song in our house right now. In fact, often when we’re in the midst of a “No, thank you, I do not need my diaper changed” fit, if I bust out with the ABC song I’m getting calm smiles by the time I hit the letter G. It’s a simple, basic tune, and the basis of our language. It’s where we all started, learning about words and then language and reading.

We come across all manner of ABC books during our sorting events. The bulk of the books we distribute are within the Kindergarten through 5th grade. But we also get quite a bit of the early board books, the ones that teach us about the ABCs, colors, numbers and the like. Sometimes, to me, these are the most fun. The myriad of ways we can introduce little ones to the world of communication and reading. They are a representation to me of where reading begins. The building blocks, the beginning.

Each time we sort through the boxes of donated books we’ve received I think of a few things. I think about how I need to keep it moving, it is so easy to get lost on every book you touch…it is really tough to come across a book you remember from your childhood and not crack it open and flip through for a while. I think of the new owners of these books and how much I hope they enjoy them. And, of course, I think of my sister. One of the books Colin is completely in love with right now is an ABC board book she brought for him. In fact, not less than an hour ago I had to, with James Bond stealth, sneak it out of his hands as I lowered him into his crib all without waking him.

All of these books have similar themes, starting small, step by step, building on the last step. It is something I can completely relate to as I look at the growth of Court’s Kids, starting small, building on each step. We’ve done a lot in our first year, distributing over 10,000 books. I have big dreams for where I’d love for us to go in our second. We can’t do it alone.

Next weekend we’re holding our second sorting event and I’m so excited. Stay tuned for more. We’ve got books to distribute.

Little by little,


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