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The Book Fairy Came!

February 10, 2011

Yesterday we got a visit from the book fairy! A volunteer from Schoolhouse Supplies visited me yesterday dropping of 5 boxes of books for our program. Thank you Schoolhouse Supplies! They have been such a great partner for us and we’re so thankful for their continued support. It is donations like these that make what we do possible.

books for special education

Donation from Schoolhouse Supplies!

We also just added a new partner school on probably the exact opposite end of the country from us here in Portland. There’s a program in Washington, DC that we are shipping books to here in the next few days. A DC supporter of School for the Arts in Learning also just made a very generous donation which will cover the shipping of those books. Thank you new friend and get ready for new books kiddos! Until we can establish a similar set up like our relationship with Mission Based Books this is the way we can expand our reach beyond the Northwest. We can definitely use your help.

How exciting to add another set of boxes of books to the growing stack in my garage for our sorting event on the 19th. And even more exciting to add a new school where we will provide books for kiddos to take home to keep and add to their own home libraries.

Little by little,


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