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Picking your battles..err…challenges

February 8, 2011

Last month I toyed with the idea of taking our friends at WordPress up on their challenge of posting something every day. Now, I will say that I never promised to post every day but to increase our posts…I realize now that just isn’t in the cards for us right now. I’m okay with it, opting for quality over quantity perhaps? After giving it a good try I think that is better left to the pros, I’m/we’re still new at this. My biggest challenge is being sure that what I have to write about for the day is something you’ll be, at the very least, mildly interested in reading.

I am really excited to report that after a little quiet period through the holidays and new year season we are pickingg up speed at a great pace. Not only do we have our book sorting event coming up on the 19th and the book giveaway the following, but we’re entering March, a big month for Court’s Kids all around. March 4th would be Courtney’s 31st birthday, we’ll celebrate again with our partner schools on that day not only reading in her honor but also presenting each kiddo with a book to keep. Last year was a complete blast, stay tuned for more details on that event.

March also begins our spring fundraising drive, we are in need of funds to operate in general but, most importantly we can use funds to help cover shipping costs. Most of our work is local but we’ve grown past the Pacific Northwest more rapidly that we expected. Until we can set up donors and donation days like we’ve done with Mission Based Books on the 26th, we’re shipping starter boxes out to new friends. I like to look at fundraising as a challenge as opposed to a battle 🙂

Speaking of battles, my now sweetly sleeping toddler just presented us with his very first temper fit this weekend…hello Terrible Twos. He’s a wonderful boy, incredibly tender hearted and sweet, but he’s also incredibly strong willed and persistent…wonder where he gets that? Between me and his Aunt Courtney and how strong willed we both were, I am facing quiet a challenging time. He’s testing his boundaries now, expressing himself and making his opinion known. So, I pick my battles. Right now he’s passed out with his current favorite book “Curious George”. I’ll sneak in later and pry it out of his hands, we’re out of the board book stage so I’m worried about crack o’ dawn paper cuts.

Little by little,



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