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Snowy Days

February 4, 2011

It is during times like these as we are in the midst of “Snowpocalypse 2011” that I’m really thankful we traded the frozen tundra of the Midwest for the nonstop rainy days of what the Pacific Northwest calls winter. Hey, I grew up in the desert of Texas so, cold to me is having to wear a sweatshirt to school in January. Maybe this is why Courtney got such a big kick out of the snow. And she got her fair share living in Klamath Falls, OR with her family. That place gets snow to rival the dumping the majority of the country is receiving now. She loved getting the kiddos bundled up and playing in the snow.

Texas girls

West Texas Girls

She also loved snow days where they would spend equal time between snow play, movie marathons and story time. She loved movies but loved stories even more. She had a fun way of combining the two. They read the Harry Potter books together before bed. And, as each one came out the deal was they got to go together as a family on opening day. She had a great way of making everything fun for her kids.

It is random times like these where I get a real pang of of missing her. I guess that’s how it is with grief right? Something catches you by surprise and there it is again. Every now and then my sweet baby boy still wakes up in the middle of the night and needs a little help getting back to sleep. Once he’s out, and I’m tip toeing out of his room I catch a glimpse down the hallway, toward our guest room. That’s the last place I saw my sister as she always was, the last place I heard her voice. I feel so lucky that the last words I heard her speak were, “I love you”. I had snuck quietly into the guest room that morning not wanting to wake up my niece and nephews but wanting to say goodbye before I left for work. She reached up and hugged me and we exchanged I love yous. A few hours later she and the kids drove back home to Klamath Falls.

On those nights when I look down the hallway I see her face in my mind’s eye, hear her “I love you” and go back to bed, feeling her face on mine for the last time. I feel blessed to be running Court’s Kids with our brother, it feels as though we’re all still together, a team working together to keep her memory and passion alive.

books for kids

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

Little by little,


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