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A Memorial

January 17, 2011

Those of you who’ve been following us a while know that our pilot school is the Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention program in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This is where Courtney worked. The staff there is amazing and just a wonderful group of people, they do great work with area children every day. And, they loved our Courtney.

For months Sandi, our main contact, has been telling me about a memorial they have been working on for Courtney, and it is now complete. To say it is beautiful is an incredible understatement, I’m speechless (see photos below).

books for special education

Up close, plaque on mural

Courtney worked in the office at K-Falls ECI. She coordinated transportation for the kiddos, supported teachers and helped in any area of need. She was often the first face children and their parents would see when they came for evaluation appointments. Parents know these appointments can be long and sometimes a little scary. So, Courtney, just being herself, would always chat with the families, plop down on the floor with the kids and read stories, offer toys or diversions, and just make the families feel welcome. She owned that reception area.

So, it is fitting that the staff devote that area to Courtney’s memory. They had a gorgeous rustic wooden bench and two little kid-size chairs made in the style of Courtney’s favorite literary figures, the Berenstein Bears. Along with the furniture is a mural painted with scenes from some of her favorite stories. It is warm and inviting and she would have been crazy over the fact that this is where new families are welcomed to K-Falls ECI.

books for kids with special needs

The reception area

books for special education


Thank you, friends at K-Falls Early Childhood Intervention for all you do every day to help children with special needs learn, enjoy books and get ready for school. You are amazing people and great representatives of the kind of program we support. Supplying books to your students is a great honor for us. We’re so happy to help you, in a small way, to encourage little learners to grow.

Little by little,


books for special education

Close up of the picture of Courtney, in the back of the bench (this was taken as she got ready on her wedding day, she was so pretty)

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  1. Carla permalink
    January 17, 2011 10:43 am

    This is a lovely tribute, not only to Courtney, but to you siblings who have continued her vision by founding Court’s Kids. Congratulations on keeping her dream alive and helping those who truly need it!

  2. Joy Taylor permalink
    January 17, 2011 3:26 pm

    What a remarkable way to celebrate our Courtney and the strength and knowledge that she brought to her own children as well as the children at Klamath Falls. Her legacy will live on!! Thanks to you Kiki and the work you and Lee have done…Courtney is smiling from up above.


  1. Happy Birthday Court, 2,500 books donated! « Court's Kids

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