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Another way to give books

January 11, 2011

Our Books By The Boxful program sends one box of books (about the size of a ream of paper) to special education and early intervention programs. On average a box holds about 150 books (sometimes 200 if we get really crafty). Depending on how far it has to travel, our little box costs about $25-$30 to ship. Think about it, for $30 you can supplement a classroom library or help a teacher send her students home with books of their own.

books for special education

The handmade slippers or "footies", one for each child, awaiting the next Footy Friday

This last Christmas my wonderful Aunt DeeAnn down in Texas, decided to give donations to Court’s Kids in the names of her friends instead of the usual ornament, trinket, gift card, etc. All told, thanks to Aunt DeeAnn, we can ship out at least another 16 boxes! If we cram 150 books into each box that means 2,400 books! How simple it was for my aunt to forgo the simple trinket and look at the impact.

We’re setting up our next sorting event for next month so we can prepare to ship spring semester boxes to all our partner schools. It won’t be on the same scale as our Big Sort

books for special education
Sorting at “The Big Sort 2010”

event which will be held in August this year but still just as important. Our little friends need a fresh stock of books to read this semester and we’re going to help. Stay tuned for more details and if you would like to help get books to children with special needs, visit our “How to Donate” page or email us at

We’re getting a little snow here in the Portland area, I’m sure it won’t be enough to do much more than annoy us all on the morning commute. Courtney loved snow, as desert girls we never saw much of that stuff growing up. One year we sent her oldest son a sled for Christmas. Being a loyal Amazon shopper (hey they wrap everything and get it there on time, what’s not to love?) we found the coolest sled we could find. I did not, however, look too closely at the dimensions or size of the thing, all I saw is that it got fantastic ratings from people with kids his age…SOLD! She called me the day it arrived, kids screaming in the background, apparently it was in a box the size of a surfboard. We didn’t tell them what it was of course, the suspense was too fun.

Christmas morning they had a ball zipping down the street, my nephew was king of the block that year. And his mom, a kid at heart always, went flying down the hill just as much as the kids did. Off we go, zipping down the hill, getting books out at lightening speed…wanna fly down the hill with us?

Little by little,


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