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Sharing Books

January 4, 2011

This past weekend a girlfriend of mine sent me a letter inviting me to participate in a book exchange for our kiddos. Given how book centric we are and have become since the birth of Court’s Kids it was an easy choice, of course we’ll participate! The letter is simple, you send two books out to the kids listed on the letter you receive, then send the letter out to six friends and keep the exchange going. Pyramid scam? Chain letter? Sure, I guess you could take it that way…or maybe use it as a chance to thin out overstuffed bookcases and maybe talk to your little ones about sharing books.

Colin’s first little library was from my sister Courtney, she had her kids select books they loved but were ready to part with and share with their new cousin. They brought the books along during their visit to meet him for the very first time. They are particularly special to me since they were books Court read to her children. She and her children passed along gently worn, but much loved stories which Colin and I now share.

If you are interested in starting a book exchange with your circle of friends I’m including a template letter you can use below, just cut and paste into a new document and print away. Hopefully you will pass along much loved stories to other families and share the love of books and literacy within your circle of friends. And, if you do decide to start a book exchange, write to me at and tell me about it!

Little by Little,


Dear __________,

This is a book exchange, that’s right, a book exchange!

1. Send ONE new or gently used book to the child listed at #1 below

2. Then make 6 new copies of the blank letter I’ve included here and send to SIX friends

3. Use the blank letter I sent you and move MY child’s name, age and address to the #1 spot and put YOUR child’s name, age and address on the #2 spot and make SIX copies

4. Mail both a blank copy and a filled out copy to SIX friends and wait for your books to arrive

This is not a chain letter, it’s just for fun!

If you can’t do this within one week, please let me know because it is unfair to the children who have participated and are waiting for their special books to arrive.

A manila envelope will mail a book nicely and you should receive 36 ‘new’ books if everyone participates. Seldom does anyone drop out, as you know kids love to read books and receive mail. You should receive your books in about 2 weeks if you get your letters out right away.

It will be lots of fun but please let me know if you can’t participate ASAP.

Thanks and enjoy your books!

Child #1


Child #2

Make sure to include a blank copy of this letter for your friends so they don’t have to retype.



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