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New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2011

We all have them, right? I, along with a vast majority of the US population, resolved to eat more healthy and exercise more. Day one and I’m exhausted but feel pretty good. Bryan is doing it too so we’re in the same boat right now, a little sore from the workouts but feeling pretty good about our meal choices. We can do it, just a matter of getting creative with schedules so we can both exercise and setting time aside to plan meals. I love to cook so that part is pretty fun for me. This past Sunday I spent the better part of the day making soups, chicken salad, chopping veggies for snacks. It was kind of fun, this is the day I usually make a big batch of noodles, veggies, and such for Colin’s dinners to save some time during the hectic workday evenings. So, I portioned out our lunches for the beginning of the week, Bryan and I have salads and healthy snacks, Colin has toddler fuel: yogurt, fruit, ham and cheese sandwiches, the usual finger foods you hope will supply your active little one with nutrients as they burn past the dinner table…how do they move so fast? I swear he has a trail of dust following him these days.

With the new year upon us I think not only of the healthy choices for our family but also about healthy choices for Court’s Kids. We’re kind of like a toddler these days, only a little over a year old, running everywhere on our little legs, bumping into things, falling over and then pushing ourselves back up again to head off at full speed forward.

books for special education

Ms. Marti and me, celebrating Court's birthday at our big Court's Kids Birthday Event

We had an amazing 2010, our biggest accomplishment being the distribution of 10,000 books. We could not have done that without our great supporters like you. We had small victories too, here and there, always moving forward. I’m excited for 2011 for many reasons. I see growth and development and more relationships with spectacular teachers like our good friend Marti at Hazel Dell and incredible teams like our beloved friends at Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention.

books for special education

The Staff at KFalls, with Big Bird wearing the costume Courtney put together especially for him to sport during Halloween

The craziness of the holiday season is wearing off, coming out of the busy haze of the last few weeks I see lots to do but it is exciting. I have new energy, maybe it is the new year, maybe it is because I got the rare pleasure of spoiling the crud out of my niece and two nephews over Christmas. Our family lives all over the country and for this one week we all descended upon Courtney’s babies, we laughed, played games, watched movies, read stories (Courtney’s little girl is quite the reader) and basically just connected in person. It was wonderful, they all have pieces of her. Her daughter has her pretty smile and gorgeous hair, her oldest has her laugh and her face, and her youngest has all of her sass and the most beautiful eyes on the planet. I always feel Courtney close by but she was definitely close this time, in their little faces I saw again my sister, and her passion.

It is going to be a good year, I just know it.

Little by little,


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