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Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers

December 20, 2010

This is one of Colin’s favorites, “Dog’s Don’t Wear Sneakers” by Laura Numeroff, one of our beloved Reader’s Reflect guest bloggers and Court’s Kids supporter. He’s loved this one for a long time now,

children reading

My Little "Reader"

it is fun and a great book for kiddos who love animals. We’ve read and re-read it a zillion times, the pages are worn and a little crumpled but so loved. He calls it “Neakers” and pads over in his footie jammies ready to read it again. It’s such a fun book, especially for kids who are just starting to play with their imaginations, learn what’s “silly” or funny.

We read together and giggle about how dogs don’t wear sneakers and pigs don’t wear hats…but as the little story unfolds it talks about using your imagination to see what you can see, who knows maybe parrots wear tutus and ducks ride bikes. As my mom read it to Colin they got to the part that says “and frogs don’t take cabs when they’re out on a date” to which she so easily said “I bet they do if they’re in a hurry” hmm, who knows? Maybe they do.  You have to use your imagination.

We’re right smack in the middle of the time of year when we all use our imaginations a little bit more. ‘Tis the season right? It is a time where many things seem a little bit more magical, you can stretch your imagination a little further. Books like this one, stories in general, help kids learn how to imagine, create, believe in things you can’t see.

Here’s to stories that spark the imagination, help us create, believe, and be a little silly sometimes.

Little by little,


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