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December 15, 2010

One of our partner schools, Hazel Dell Elementary in Vancouver, WA just had their annual “shopping center” set up this week. The kids earn “bucks” all semester for meeting goals and during the holiday time they can shop for gifts for their families. Yesterday was the shopping day and today was the wrapping day. On my lunch I visited our little friends to help them wrap their gifts. It was so much fun! In the hour I was there we madly wrapped lots of little presents our friends had worked so hard to earn for their family members. They  wrote out all the “To& From” tags and I wrapped. We had fun talking about all the goals they met to earn their “bucks” and what made them choose each gift. They were so proud, and I was so proud of them. We had a great time.

books for special education

The handmade slippers or "footies", one for each child, awaiting the next Footy Friday

This is the same program, led by the wonderful Marti Lloid, that holds “Footy Fridays”. This fun program is held every Friday, the kids wear slippers, drink cocoa and read. And at the end of each Footy Friday they all get to take home a book to keep. Court’s Kids has been supplying Footy Fridays for the last year and we are so happy to keep doing it. I’m hoping to sneak away every so often next year to join them for a story or two.

This class and Mrs. Lloid is a perfect example of the types of things our amazing special education teachers do every day to help kids stay engaged, learn and grow.

Little by little,


books for special education


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