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Holiday Spirit & a Successful Event

December 13, 2010

This past Sunday we held our second annual Barnes & Noble gift wrapping event and it was a really great success. We had a wonderful time, met such kind and giving people and got our message out to new faces.

books for special education, holiday gift wrapping

Happy Little Elves Ready to Wrap

All in all I am so proud of our team and feel really thankful for all the help we received, not only from our spectacular volunteers full of holiday cheer but, also from the generous shoppers at Washington Square.

As an organization centered around providing books and promoting literacy, the Barnes & Noble gift wrapping event has been such a good fit for us. We wrapped lots of gifts, and as my volunteers mentioned several times, its pretty easy to wrap books, they are mostly rectangles and squares, how hard can that be to mess up?

books for special education, holiday gift wrapping

My wonderful mother-in-law/volunteer

But most importantly we met lots of really wonderful people. All in varying stages of their holiday shopping. It was really interesting to talk with people as we wrapped their gifts, learning why they chose the titles they did, adding a few books to our own reading lists and connecting with readers.

A main piece of what Court’s Kids is all about is inspiring kids to love reading, love books, and build their own home libraries. Think of what you have on your bookshelf, what are your favorites? What books do you turn to for comfort, escape, adventure, release, whatever it may be. On Sunday we met several shoppers who had carefully selected their favorite titles to give to a loved one, it was  really fun. Books, books and more books, hearing people’s stories about why they chose this particular book made me feel even more inspired by the work we get to do. Helping new little readers to find their favorites, what inspires them…

Little by little,


books for special education, holiday gift wrapping

the butterfly pin I always wear for Courtney during Court's Kids events, I keep her near my heart

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