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Wrappin’ for Courtney

December 7, 2010

This Sunday we will hold our second annual gift wrapping fundraiser for Court’s Kids! Here in Portland at the Washington Square Mall from 9am-5pm the Court’s Kids elves and I will be wrapping gifts. Each year Barnes & Noble offers free gift wrapping during the holiday time and invites local nonprofits to do the wrapping, in return we get to keep whatever donations customers are willing to share.

Court's Kids gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble

Busy Barnes & Noble with Holiday Shoppers

Last year we had a great event and walked away with happy hearts and full pockets for Court’s Kids. Events like these help us to do what we do. In our first year of operation we donated over 10,000 books. Our goal is to double that this year and I know we can do it…but only with your help! We’re getting books, now we need shipping and operating dollars. This weekend as you are doing your holiday shopping remember Court’s Kids. If you are in the Portland area, do a little shopping at the Washington Square Barnes & Noble, I’ll be happy to wrap your purchases myself! For our friends and supporters across the country, you can support us by visiting our How to Donate page. Either way, get out this weekend and support your local charities!

Little by Little,


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