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147 Books

December 6, 2010

An odd number, I know. But, that’s one of the fun things about sorting books and packing them up for our Books by the Boxful program, you never know exactly how many books will fit in a box. We get all kinds of books, all shapes and sizes so it is like a puzzle to see how many you can fit in a box…sometimes we have competitions during the sorting days, it’s fun. On average we can fit 150 books in one box and most often we hit that if not more.

books for special education

Books being sorted for our partner programs

Last week we gained a new partner school when a Learning Support teacher from Sarah J Anderson school in Vancouver, WA emailed Court’s Kids to apply for books. They have a great program and (like most special education and learning support programs) can definitely use more books. This batch will help our new friend to give her students books to take home to keep, extending the reach of literacy beyond the classroom. This Thursday we’ll have a box of 147 books (I’m going to find 3 more to tuck in and make it an even 150) for her to pick up. I’m excited to meet our new friend in person. With the help of donors and supporters like you, we’re able to do this…supporting those on the front line as they help create and encourage little readers.

Little by little,



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