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Finding Your Own Pace

December 1, 2010

Recently I’ve come across some great articles about toddlers, encouraging them to love books and just begin the baby-steps (no pun intended) to learning how to read. Those of you who follow us know I often share my journey as my son, Colin, begins his little path to literacy. Lately we jump from book to book pretty rapidly but always coming back to one or two which we’ll read 57 times before bed (this week it is “Bears in the Night”). Teaching your baby about books and reading comes with it’s own set of challenges. Mostly due to the fact that the average toddler has the attention span of a flea. But even the process of letting them explore the book, turn the page themselves, and just play with it helps them on their path.

books for special education

Mommy & Colin, reading at our own pace

Every child is different and every child goes at their own pace with each new skill they learn. You just have to find the pace that works for you and your little reader. Our friends at the Early Childhood centers do an amazing job of helping parents through this process. The groups we work with often provide a Court’s Kid book to each family at their evaluation appointment and show them how to read to baby. Even though the plot lines are pretty thin and baby usually has more fun playing with and/or chewing on the book it still has a positive effect. Again…finding your own pace.

Every so often I look at the pace Court’s Kids as an organization has taken, we’ve moved pretty quickly I guess. It is exciting. But I’m sure we could be miles ahead at this point as well. However, just like our little friends new to the world of literacy, we’re new to the world of being a grown up organization. Yet, we’ve found our pace.

Little by little,


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