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Bedtime Stories

November 29, 2010

It’s been a long day, friends. Mondays usually seem longer than most days but, when you’re sleep deprived it just feels that much longer. I think the only member of our family who slept well was our chocolate lab, Leroy…he always sleeps well. For whatever reason Colin took his time getting down to sleep, maybe amped up from the long holiday weekend, not sure. Why is it that toddlers get a burst of mania when they’re exhausted? Who knows. Finally asleep, Bryan and I tried to tuck in early but that wasn’t real successful. Bryan couldn’t sleep so he tossed and turned for most of the night. Colin woke with a leaky diaper around 1 am, soaked through his jammies and sheets. Half awake I got him changed, his bed changed and began the process of getting him back in bed. Finally back asleep I headed back to bed and just as I got comfortable Leroy decided to give himself a very loud foot bath…awesome…sleep not happening for Mommy tonight.

Up and off to school and work this morning Colin seemed to be in a wonderful mood. He got settled in with his breakfast, gave me a yogurt-y kiss and waived me off. I think he was happy to see his buddies. Can he be this big already? Typical Monday at work and all the usual circus of getting home, dinner, bath time, etc. By bedtime I was feeling the burn of sleep deprivation in my eyeballs. My little man was ready for his stories, we’re loving Curious George wins a medal (did you know George went into space?) and Corduroy (gotta find that button), and in the last few days, “Bears in the Night” a Berenstain Bears classic…we’re REALLY loving this one lately.

Now, I promised myself that I would always read to Colin whenever he wanted me to no matter how inopportune a moment or how tired I was. Nights like these are a lot harder to be jazzed about reading about our little bear friends heading up “Spook Hill” for the zillionth time. But, there’s my guy, sweet and cuddly in his footie jammies, smiling and insistent on squeezing out one more story. Its tough to say no to, especially with the added sweet little sign for “please” and his new word, “again”.

Here’s to all the mommies and daddies reading through tired eyes tonight and every night.

Little by little,


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