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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2010
Here in Portland we got hit with a little blast of winter in the form of a bit of snow and a bunch of ice, reminding us that winter is here and fall is officially over. Driving to work this morning, sliding here and there, seeing the sunshine hit the icy patches and make them glisten, I got a little excited about the holidays. I always love this time of year. Courtney was nuts about holidays, any holiday really but, I think she got the Christmas decorations out right after she put the Halloween decorations away. Her very patient husband always suffered a little anxiety over the fire hazard their tree became because she made them get one so early.
My route to work takes me across the Columbia River every morning, passing into Washington and often seeing amazing views of Mt. Hood, it is hardly a commute to complain about. In the months after we lost Courtney I drove that drive feeling her with me every so often, more so on the days when I was putting the Court’s Kids idea together in my head. Some days were harder than others but they passed by, we moved from summer with boats out on the water and clear skies to fall with brisk mornings and clouds looming full of those famous Pacific Northwest rainy days. Then the chill of winter, with icy patches here and there, gusty winds and no view of the mountain for the clouds. Then spring, and summer again, then fall, and now winter is here. Its no big secret that days pass, the world keeps turning, seasons move on and we get further from that day when she slipped away from us.
This morning I sent my boys off to “school” and heading off on my commute. Coffee in hand, complete with peppermint mocha flavored creamer, NPR’s Morning Edition filling me in in the world. Last night we were hit with a little blast of winter, this morning I expected a rougher ride but it was beautiful, I even had to dig my sunglasses out. As I made my way across the river, the sky was clear, the air was cold, the river a little choppy and the mountain out for viewing. It was beautiful. I took the commute I’ve made hundreds of times, appreciating the season change and feeling Courtney riding along with me, enjoying the view…and probably asking me to switch from NPR to some Christmas music.
Here’s to remembering loved ones, loving those close to you and enjoying your family and friends this week.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Little by little,
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