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A New Partner Program

November 22, 2010

Last week we talked about our little test project in Texas. My cousin started a book drop at her son’s school, the generous kiddos and teachers donated over 400 books! We connected them up with a local program to accept the books for their program. The Trinity Child Development Center is a small non-profit early care and education center in northeast Austin.

Much like our friends at the Klamath Falls Early Childhood Center in Oregon and the Vancouver Early Childhood Center in Washington, this school encourages pre-literacy and the importance of reading at home with their students and their families. These programs are known for being incredibly creative about how to get books into the hands of children and help promote literacy. Court’s Kids books will go to support these efforts as they are used to provide books for parents to take home after orientation visits, as prizes for the kids at school events, and to supplement the resource libraries for teachers. Programs like these along with Success by Six and Reach Out and Read.

Kudos to Early Childhood Programs, thank you for the work you do every day to help children get ready for school.

Little by little,


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