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Little by Little

November 15, 2010

We are growing.

Little by little.

My wonderful cousin offered to help us try something new. In order to grow Court’s Kids we have to get creative about getting books into the hands of special education and early intervention programs. So, we thought, what if volunteers collected books in their area and we helped connect them with programs in their area? We tested it out in Austin and its working really well!

Is it a ton of books? No, but it is a lot. And the best kind, donations from families and kids themselves, to share with other kids. For weeks my cousin’s son’s school has been collecting books to donate to a local Austin special education or early education program in their area. We have a school to match them up with! It is working, little by little.

We’re also making progress here in the Portland area. This week we started reaching out to Portland schools to begin supporting more special education programs locally. And we’re continuing to make progress with our friends, Mission Based Books, in the Ann Arbor, MI area. We started out with a little idea, and a little at a time make small movements forward. Courtney would be shocked that we’ve done this, and completely nuts with excitement. She would have loved to promote literacy within the population she to which dedicated her short career.

Little by little,


PS – If you are interested in running a book drive in your area similar to our Austin experiment, email us at


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