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Stress relief with a touch of inspiration

November 9, 2010

Everyone has their own way of relieving stress, some classic like meditation, some unique like sky diving. Kids get stressed too, and how do we help them deal with it? Some kids find calm in reading in your lap, or next to you, and if you can find a topic that helps make it okay to be stressed sometimes what a bonus! Check out this great site, Lori has created a variety of resources to help kids deal with stress. It helps us parents address stress without having to hit it direct in the face, some kids respond better to that.

We all get stressed, especially us parents. There’s a lot to juggle and the last thing you want is to snap at your kids so you do what you can do nip that in the bud with whatever method works (most often being whatever method you can cram into your full day). Lately for me it has been my 30 min trip down to the treadmill in our garage as many times as I can fit it into a week.

We live in Oregon so this time of year graces us with cold, wet and dark evenings so my outside runs with the family in tow have come to a close. That’s okay though, I have my iPod loaded with my favorite workout mix (I’m not afraid to say it contains some Britney, some Justin and most of the American Idol winners…hey, they make good workout tunes, don’t judge). Bryan and Colin get dinner going and mommy sneaks off for a run. Now, I will admit that I am the queen of finding any and every excuse for not exercising but, get me 10 minutes in and I’m happy I’m doing it. Its my time to shift gears, clear my head, focus.

Here comes the inspiration part. To save Court’s Kids a little money we often store donations in our garage before they get sorted and packed up. I currently have quite a book tower next to my beloved treadmill.

books for special education

My inspiration, books waiting to be sorted and distributed

It is getting a little packed in there, with the books, the car, our deck furniture safe from the rain, and all the various stuff people keep in garages. Honestly, if I bite it on the treadmill I’ll fly into the car, helps with the aforementioned focus. Any which way I have gained a lot of inspiration lately from running next to our books. There they are, right next to me as I run, and helping me paint a picture of where we’ll go together, what the next steps need to be, where Courtney would want us to go. Calming me. Honestly, there are times they make me pick up the pace a bit.

Little by Little,


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