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A Big Week for Court’s Kids

October 25, 2010

This week Court’s Kids donates our 10,000th book!

books for special education

The 10,000th book on its way to our partner school!

The box containing this book left Portland this afternoon and will arrive tomorrow. Just six hours away from Portland by car, K-Falls is home to our pilot program the Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention program. It was also where Courtney and her family lived and where she worked with the team at K-Falls ECI. They have an amazing staff and have done so much to help keep my sister’s passion for helping children with special needs alive. It has been really fun getting to know this team over the course of our first year. They knew my sister in a different way, we don’t always get to know our siblings in the way they are out in the world do we? Here’s a memory Sandi from K-Falls ECI had to share recently:

“We are putting together a memorial for Courtney in the hallway outside of my office that was also Courtney’s office. Our office is called the intake office because we are the people who schedule appointments and meet parents and their children when they come in for evaluations, etc. As you can imagine, sometimes these appointments can be difficult for both the parents and the child, filled with uncertainties, anxiety, grief, and interactions with strangers in a strange place, so we are working on making the area outside of our office as family friendly as possible. As we were discussing the plans yesterday, my colleague who was here 2 years ago working on her practicum observed a grandfather and his grandchild sitting outside of our intake office and both seemed to be very anxious. She saw Courtney go into the hall and kneel down in front of the grandfather and child and do what came so naturally to her. She began to talk to them softly and reassuringly and provided a toy for the child. (she did this countless times when she worked with us). This made a huge impact on my colleague and I’m sure gave her valuable insight to carry with her as she completed her degree in special education. Yes, Courtney was an exceptional woman and I miss her every day. Her caring and compassion for children was limitless (even when it was not understood by adults). Her time with us was brief, but has left a lasting impression on all of us about what is really important in life.”

This week the students at the K-Falls will each take home a new book from Court’s Kids as part of our 10,000th book celebration. It is an exciting week!

In the midst of all this excitement, we have another fun announcement. Join me in welcoming Whitney, our new volunteer (and our very first official “staff member” outside Lee and I)! Whitney is a recent graduate of George Fox University in Organizational Communication. She has a solid background and will be helping us get organized about our communications and we are excited to have her join the team!

Again, this is a big week, friends. Stay tuned as our 10,000th book is donated, there will be lots more to come. Funny this should fall on the same week as Halloween, Courtney loved Halloween. It was one of her favorites, she decorated like crazy, shopped for costumes for the kids way in advance, filled the house with candy and kept a steady stream of fun, spooky movies going all month. She was so much fun, and knew just how to inspire and engage kids.

Little by Little,

Courtney keeping inventory of the candy. - Halloween 1983


Little by Little,


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  1. Joy Taylor permalink
    November 2, 2010 3:47 pm

    Wow, this is so exciting!! You guys are doing a remarkable job…thanks so much for all of your hard work.

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