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A New Way to Grow

October 18, 2010

Last week we talked about our new partner in our efforts to expand the Court’s Kids reach, Mission Based Books. By working with booksellers across the country we can connect books heading for recycle to schools and programs that can actually use them. Stay tuned as this partnership with Mission Based Books grows.

Another test we just launched (a small launch) is utilizing volunteers across the country to set up book drops in their area. Again, Court’s Kids will do the work of finding and connecting with needy programs, you do the collecting. My amazing cousin, Ali down in my home state of  Texas, is testing this out for us now. Her son’s school, the Westminster Presbyterian Day School, has set up a drop box for students and families to donate books to Court’s Kids. Right now I’m working on reaching out to area programs to find WPDS a partner. This type of donation program is just the kind of think globally, act locally kind of work we want to encourage. There are books that need homes, we can, with your help connect them with special education programs in need of literacy tools.

At my last check in with Ali, they had collected 60 books on the first day, way to go!! Thank you from Court’s Kids, you are helping us expand the Court’s Kids reach and supporting our mission of providing children with special needs the tools they need to thrive.

Little by Little,


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