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A New Partner

October 12, 2010

When Lee and I started Court’s Kids we had modest dreams of just helping schools and programs in the Pacific Northwest, it was a simple place to start. We have recently been talking about the direction of Court’s Kids and how we can expand our reach. Obviously shipping books here to Oregon and then distributing back out across the country would not only be cost prohibitive but the environmental impact would be just silly.

So, we decide to branch out and approach other booksellers across the country like our friends here locally at River City Books. If they are willing to help provide books, then we can do the work to connect them with schools in their area who need them. The idea marinated for a while and now we’ve come across our first partner. We had no idea it would happen so fast.

We have just started working with a wonderful organization and bookseller who helps non-profits to grow and is so willing to help keep children’s books from being recycled nonchalantly and get them to schools who need them. Mission Based Books is a web-based media driven fulfillment house located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The company draws on over 15 years of online selling experience and has direct relationships with the largest selling channels in the world.  To date, Mission Based Books LLC has a business presence in North America, and parts of Europe, offers products on hundreds of websites throughout the world, and has shipped goods to over 50 countries.  Founder, and CEO Julie Oswalt has been incredibly gracious and so helpful. I have to say, as a working mom myself, I have tremendous respect for Julie and what she and her family have done with Mission Based Books (go working mommies!). We are so happy to be working with MBB.

Now, on to finding schools and programs in the Ann Arbor area in need of books. Based on my experience here in the Northwest, that won’t be a tough task. But, if you are in the area and interested in learning more about how to get free books for your students, please email us at

On we go, expanding our reach…for children with special needs…for Courtney…

Little by little,


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