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Family Libraries

October 11, 2010

Last week I was doing the common mommy task of organizing, packing away toys and clothes Colin has grown out of and bringing out books his busy toddler attention span has patience for. He has a nice little stock of books for a variety of reading levels which he got from his Aunt Courtney just before she passed. They are all gently used, much loved, read several times over by his cousins. Every time I bring “new” books out I smile, feeling a connection to Courtney as I go to read the same books she read to her babies.

Kiki & Courtney

Courtney and I grew up in a family that treasured books. To call our father a book collector would be a gross understatement. His one main and everlasting fear has always been that after his funeral we’ll hold a garage sale, dump all the bookshelves out onto the lawn and sell paperbacks for $0.50, hardbacks for $1.00. I promise, Daddy, we won’t. Our mom, a teacher, and very organized, made little labels for the kids’ books “Dunbar Family Library”. A little over the top, perhaps but fun.

In this particular batch of “new” books from Aunt Courtney was a little gem. Old, a bit tattered but, still in great condition was a book a immediately recognized, “The Count’s Number Parade”. It’s a sweet, Sesame Street story starting out with 1, One baton twirler and ending with 10, TEN tuba-playing Twiddlebugs. It starts out slow and builds with excitement, and lots of confetti. At the very end the Count is covered in confetti and his love of counting starts him on the path of counting every single piece of confetti. I remember as a child thinking about the sheer logistics of this insurmountable task of counting all that confetti. How would he do it?? Now I can I have fun reading it again and watching Colin look at all of the counting excitement for the first time.

Memories like this, books like these, make me feel so blessed to be a part of the birth of an organization that helps bring books to children with special needs and encouraging families to build their own home libraries.

Little by little,





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