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Books Coming to Life

October 5, 2010

For those of you who have followed us a while, you know how much we read in our house. No surprise, someone involved in a nonprofit which provides books for special education and promotes literacy would be real serious about books. Our little 18 month old, Colin, has always been a big fan of books, he loves to be read to which has been so fun. He’s always loved books about animals in particular. He loves monkeys, bears, elephants and any type of farm animal. We make all the sounds together which can be hilarious as his little hands fly up in the air and he says “wooooooooh!” for his version of a elephant trumpet.

So you can imagine what fun we had when we took Colin to the zoo for the first time this weekend.

children reading

My Little Summer Reader

He was in awe, his little face was simply stunned when he saw actual monkeys. I’ve heard the saying, “the characters leapt off the page” before but it was so much fun to actually see that happen for him. We saw all kinds of monkeys, sea lions, elephants, zebras, bears (to which Colin said “roooaaarr!”) it was such a good day.

We talk all the time about how important books are, how providing those early opportunities for literacy are, simple moments of looking at pictures of animals are early steps to learning about the world. One of the first (and actually only) gifts Courtney gave Colin, her very first nephew, was a stack of books his cousins had grown out of. It was important for her to pass these on to us, to her nephew. So now, we carry on that wish of Courtney’s to help kiddos build their own home libraries.

Little by Little,

early reading

Colin Sitting Still, Reading with Mommy


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