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366 Books to Kick off the 2010 School Year

September 28, 2010

Last week a member of the Hazel Dell Elementary School (in Vancouver, WA) PTA dropped by to pick up our  first donation of the 10/11 school year. 3 boxes, 366 books.

Those of you who have been following us a while will remember our friends at Hazel Dell. Last year, special education teacher Marti Lloid had this to say about our new partnership:

Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

“To all of you at Court’s Kids:
Friday morning my principal, Woody Howard, arrived at my classroom door with a box of books for my kids here at Hazel Dell Elementary.  I was completely overwhelmed by your generosity!  It just happened to be “Footy Friday”–a day when the kids put on their slippers, we drink hot chocolate, and read, read, read.  It was nothing short of amazing that the books arrived on that day!  My kids were thrilled, and helped me sort them, talk about them, and everyone went home with a new book.  The kids are excited because I told them everyone would get another book next Friday.

Courtney Bunfill must have been an exceptional woman to inspire such an organization–and now, you have me to help support this wonderful group in any way I can.

Thank you again for your compassion and generosity to our children here at Hazel Dell.

This last March we celebrated Courtney’s Birthday with our buddies at Hazel Dell, complete with birthday cake and party hats. It was a blast! These kids are amazing and the teachers and PTA volunteers they have supporting them really make the kind of effort that all children need every day. We are honored to work with Hazel Dell and the many schools just like them.

Kiki Reading at the Court's Kids Birthday Party

Little by Little,


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  1. Sandi Z. permalink
    September 30, 2010 9:49 am

    Yesterday a staff member here at Early Childhood Intervention in Klamath Falls shared a memory of Courtney with me and I intended to share it with KiKi and her parents this morning. After reading the comment this morning from the teacher at Hazel Dell that Courtney must have been an exceptional woman, I was compelled to share the comment on this site.
    We are putting together a memorial for Courtney in the hallway outside of my office that was also Courtney’s office. Our office is called the intake office because we are the people who schedule appointments and meet parents and their children when they come in for evaluations, etc. As you can imagine, sometimes these appointments can be difficult for both the parents and the child, filled with uncertainties, anxiety, grief, and interactions with strangers in a strange place, so we are working on making the area outside of our office as family friendly as possible. As we were discussing the plans yesterday, my colleague who was here 2 years ago working on her practicum observed a grandfather and his grandchild sitting outside of our intake office and both seemed to be very anxious. She saw Courtney go into the hall and kneel down in front of the grandfather and child and do what came so naturally to her. She began to talk to them softly and reassuringly and provided a toy for the child. (she did this countless times when she worked with us). This made a huge impact on my colleague and I’m sure gave her valuable insight to carry with her as she completed her degree in special education. Yes, Courtney was an exceptional woman and I miss her every day. Her caring and compassion for children was limitless (even when it was not understood by adults). Her time with us was brief, but has left a lasting impression on all of us about what is really important in life.
    Sandi & the ECI staff

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