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Just Trying to Carry out the Vision

September 15, 2010

Tomorrow we ship 658 books to partner schools in Utah and one here in the Portland/Vancouver area. Okay, technically some won’t be shipped, actually one of the most amazing PTA moms ever is going to pick up for our friends at Hazel Dell Elementary in Vancouver, WA. It’s been a busy few weeks with school starting back up again. We’re so excited to be able to (only with your help) get our partner schools all set for the beginning of the school year.

Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

And that is just the beginning, we’ve been talking with our friends at The Shadow Project about setting up a Holiday Reading program (similar to our Summer Reading Program) where kiddos can earn extra credit points to spend on books at the Shadow Store. Yipes, are we talking about winter already??? At any rate we’re starting the planning.

Courtney had a vision, one that was simple and clear, to help children with special needs. She had a way of making children feel supported, like they could do anything. She often talked about her ideas for how she would work with these kids on a grander scale. One idea I remember being especially thrown by was to join a project aimed at the children and grandchildren living in the area of the Chernobyl disaster. She didn’t stop dreaming of ways to be involved in providing support to kids. Being someone who had her own struggles with learning she knew how hard it can be to focus and meet goals. Yet, she (a working mom of three amazing children) buckled down and slowly (little by little) chipped away at her degree in special education. She almost made it.

As I am writing this I’ve got the finale of Top Chef on in the background. Courtney and I always shared an affinity for “reality TV” and this was one of our favorite shows. Right now one of the finalists is sick and unable to make it in for the prep day of his big competition. His soux chef, Hung (champion from a previous session) is working at lightening speed, getting things done according to notes from the sick contestant. At one point Hung says, “I’m just trying to carry out the vision”. I can relate. I (we, more accurately with my brother Lee) am just trying to carry out Courtney’s vision. What she didn’t get to do.

Little by Little,

Kiki & Courtney


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