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Encouraging Little Readers Early On

September 13, 2010

Today we shipped out a “Books by the Boxful” box to our friends at Klamath Falls Healthy Start program. The box is a fun one, I guess they all are really, lots of board books and beautiful pictures. Just the kind of stuff to grab the eye of tiny little future readers. Programs like these that bring books into home visits and support parents as they work with their children are close to our mission and our heart. We’re thrilled to partner with such programs.

A Family Receiving A court's Kids Book

Reading with little ones isn’t always so simple, especially in the toddler age where they are so “busy”, but earlier than that children can benefit so much from exploring books with their families. As I’m learning from our partner programs, just the simple act of pointing at pictures and letting baby chew on the book if he/she wants is helpful. Programs like Healthy Start and Early Childhood Intervention help encourage parents that even though baby isn’t reading “War and Peace” but gumming “Goodnight Moon” it is still incredibly helpful and those little steps every day make a difference. For just that reason, our friends at Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention and Vancouver Early Childhood Center give a Court’s Kids book to each family at their evaluation appointment. They get to keep the book to help start their own home libraries.

Small steps yes, but important ones. That’s what Court’s Kids is all about, providing children with special needs the tools they need to thrive.

Little by Little,


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