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This Time Last Year

September 9, 2010

Every so often we make new friends, begin relationships with new schools and programs, pick up new followers on Facebook and Twitter, and come across new supporters. For that, I like to devote a post to welcoming our new friends and bringing everyone up to speed on where we’ve come from and, with the help of our supporters, what we’ve done so far.

This time last year Lee (my brother and partner) and I were in just the very beginning stages of developing Court’s Kids. We had just started talks with our pilot program, the amazing staff at Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention in K-Falls, OR where Courtney used to work. This last week we delivered their “Back to School” package and here’s what they had to say:

“We received the books!! Of course, I had to open it and dig thru the treasures!  What a wonderful assortment.  Our classes start on Thursday and next week Shelly and I are going to select a book for each child enrolled in our preschools to take home.”

Love, Sandi and the grateful staff at ECI

books for special education

Klamath Falls ECI Staff & Their "Books by the Boxful" Donation Box

This time last year we were days away from incorporating with the State of Oregon, it is funny to think we are just a week or so away from our official one year anniversary. I can’t believe it. Courtney would be just beside herself to know we’ve made it a year and (only through the help of you, our supporters) donated almost 10,000 books.

Little by Little,


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