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September 1, 2010

This week has been really busy for Court’s Kids, lots of books to distribute. Tomorrow we ship books to four of our partner programs: Blue Ridge Elementary in WA, Jubilee Christian in CA, Westar Elementary in AZ, and our pilot program Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention where Courtney used to work.

580 books in total.

We’re also getting really close to Court’s Kids’ first anniversary. On September 15th, 2009 we incorporated. We’ve come a long way so far in our first year. There have been hurdles, some we’re still trying to get over, but there have been great moments too. I like to think that we have gotten over and continue to push over hurdles with, not only our own determination, but Courtney’s too. To say she was determined is a severe understatement. She would move mountains. She was stubborn and bullheaded, I have some of that too.

Colin, my 17 month old, has a lot of that determination. We’re getting into the stage where he is making his opinion known and fiercely doing everything all by his own self thank you very much. He has a sweet, funny little spirit but he doesn’t let a lot stand in his way. A little influence from Aunt Courtney, I’m sure. Tonight he fell asleep with his new favorite book, “Biscuit”. He loves books and loves pictures of animals so we point at all the “ruff ruffs” and “meow meows” and read the story. Tonight I tried to take it from him as he got sleepy, fat chance, Mom. Each time I slowly pulled it from his hand he popped his head up and said “No, no” and gripped harder. He’s not letting it go, he will go to sleep with this book like it or not, Mom. He’s determined. I’m thankful for that, he will push through his own mountains undeterred.

early reading

Colin Sitting Still, Reading with Mommy

Just like Court’s Kids, every time we are presented with a challenge we will grip harder, say “no, no” and push through. Onward we go, we push forward, moving mountains.

Little by Little,


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