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A little more detail on the Big Sort

August 24, 2010

A little rested and looking back on our event this past Saturday, I thought I would share a little more. It was such a fun day, we were coming off a stretch of really hot weather and all of a sudden we got a break on Saturday. To be honest, I was sweatin’ (literally) in the days leading up to our event with thoughts of our poor volunteers working in the heat. But low and behold, we had a beautiful day complete with afternoon sun (but not too much of it).

books for special education

One of the Sorting Stations

books for special education

A little gem

The boxes we were sorting through were full of such great treasures. They always are, depending on your perspective but sometimes you hit some true gems. For example. my sister-in-law, did some of her work in college on literary heroines, Nancy Drew to be specific. So, every time I’m sorting and come across a copy of any Nancy Drew book I always think of her. And when we find one of those copies with the yellow binding that I remember seeing a whole row of in my library in grade school, I have to snap a pic and email it to her.

The whole day is that way really. Each box is a total surprise, the donated books are usually headed for recycling so there is no telling what you will get. The majority of the books we get are in wonderful condition and just need good homes. Its hard to describe the fun and at times, joy that comes with sorting through mounds of children’s books. Every time I’ve done it I have come across books that make me chuckle, books that make me nostalgic for childhood times, books that take you back to the spot where you learned to love reading. During our event, looking around my garage, set up with sorting stations I saw those same experiences in each of our volunteers.

We had four tables set up with volunteers at each table sorting books into different reading levels. My job was to float between the tables and gather up piles as the grew and then take them to the packing station and pack up each box for our Books By The Boxful program. We even had a small volunteer, small in stature only, about to embark on his first day of Kindergarten soon he helped approve many of the books based on what kids his age like. The quote of the day goes to my little buddy, seeing him pick up a book, look at it and then tell his dad, “Oh, this is SOOO pre-school”. Priceless.

books for special education

Sorting by grade level

I had the best job, getting to touch every single one of the books we donated and watch our volunteers chuckle at books they remember, see their faces as they were quietly transported back to a place they loved at the sight of a title or cover image, hear them share with me and fellow volunteers stories about books they love, books their kids and grandkids love. It was amazing, my tiny garage was full of smiles and happy memories and thoughts. Each book was gently packed away with all of those happy feelings and energy.

This week and next I will be shipping off some boxes and driving some around the Portland area to deliver. We have a little more work to do but the day was an incredible success and with these boxes we bring our book donation count to 10,000 books in our first year of operation. I’m overwhelmed with pride and humbled by the generosity of you, our donors, family and friends, volunteers and cheerleaders. You make this possible. I see great things in the coming year for Court’s Kids, you are an enormous part of this and for that we thank you and hope you will continue along on the ride to provide children with special needs the tools and the environment they need to thrive.

books for special education

Me - Tired but, so happy

Little by Little,



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