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We Did It

August 22, 2010

We did it. books for special education

As simple as that. Our goal was to prep 3,000 books to distribute to our partner schools for Back To School during our first annual, “Big Sort”..and we did. 3,291 to be exact!

For one whole day volunteers came and went, the sun came and went, there was dust and heavy lifting, fabulous finds and new friends were made. I’ll write more in the coming day. There’s so much to tell, we had such a fun day and found such wonderful books for our little friends!!

To say I am exhausted is an understatement, but for my baby sister, Court, it was nothing. There’s a country song that’s popular now by “The Band Perry”, it says, “The sharp sting of a short life…I’ve had just enough time…”

No. She didn’t.

But, with your help, and the help of our wonderful volunteers, Lee and I get to carry her story on and help more teachers and children than she would have ever imagined. We ended The Big Sort with 3,291 books ready to be distributed (I have some shipping to do). And we have made incredible progress in our first year. books for special educationMore to come…

Little by Little,


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