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4 Days Until the Big Sort

August 17, 2010

We’re just four days away from our Back to School sorting event, the first annual “Big Sort” this Saturday, August 21st. The books are here, in fact I drove home today with the latest donation from our friends at River City Books, thanks RCB! If you are looking to buy used books, buy from these guys, we couldn’t do what we do without their generous book donations.

So far we have several volunteers signed up to sort, we’ve got friends and family, and new friends from our partner The Shadow Project which provides incentives for kids with special needs to meet their goals. To say we are blessed is an extreme understatement, we could not do this without your support.

This time last year Lee and I were just in the beginning stages of creating Court’s Kids. We were freshly wounded from the loss of our sister and not ready for her story to be over. I was researching how to incorporate in the state of Oregon. We did that on September 15th, 2009. Just a few days before we had our first sorting “event” which was mostly me with an employee I borrowed for an hour.

To date we’ve distributed over 7,000 books…we’ve done so with help from our friends and family, with your help dear followers.

This week I take you on another journey. Come with me as we prepare for the first annual “Big Sort”. Will we make mistakes? Sure. Will we meet our goal of distributing 10,000 books in our first year? I am so incredibly hopeful I could burst. We made it this far right? We can do this.

Little by Little,


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