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Readers Reflect: Words from a young reader

August 9, 2010

“Readers Reflect,” is a weekly post by a guest blogger reflecting on a formative book, character, or reading experience that has been particularly meaningful in their life as a reader. To submit your own “Readers Reflect” essay, please contact us at

Today we welcome Donovan, a young reader (and, if you ask me, quite the little writer) and big fan of the Goosebumps series by our friend RL Stine. Donovan’s Mom is a friend of Kiki’s and just recently Donovan had his own “Big Sort”, clearing out a set of books to donate to Court’s Kids. Thanks Donovan, you rock!

Hi! My name is Donovan. I am 9 years old and I will be going into the 4th grade. I love to read. My favorite series of books is Goosebumps. I like Goosebumps because it’s really scary and fun. My favorite Goosebumps book so far is You Can’t Scare Me. This book is about a boy named Eddie and he is trying to figure out how he can scare a girl named Courtney; but his plans don’t work. He and his friend Hat [his real name is Herbie] try to scare Courtney by taking the biggest tarantula out of a cage in their science class. They go to the gym room up on a balcony so they could drop the spider on top of Courtney’s head, but they accidently dropped it their friend Molly’s head! Eddie and Hat were really embarassed. At the end of the story, they couldn’t be happy because they wound up not scaring Courtney. Nobody scares Eddie and Hat in the ending. I like this book because of all the different ways they tried to scare her. Reading Goosebumps books makes me want to write stories. I wrote a book called The Mysterious Zombie. It was kinda like a Goosebumps book. Check out You Can’t Scare Me. I think you’ll like it. Thank you.

– Donovan, 9 years old

Spooky book lover and aspiring writer

Click here for the Reader’s Reflect from Donovan’s hero, RL Stine

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