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Summer Winding Down

August 4, 2010

You can almost feel it, can’t you? Summer is coming to a close and schools are gearing up to start within the next few weeks. My niece and nephews (Courtney’s babies) head back next week as does my Mom’s school in El Paso. Right now, across the nation, kids are trying on new school clothes, picking out school supplies, backpacks and the like. Teachers are heading back to prep their classrooms.

Our Mom is a former teacher, all my young life she shared our same schedule. And this time of year we would periodically head to her school to help her prepare her class. We all had different jobs, stapling, making copies, moving furniture around, organizing handouts, putting assignments on the chalkboard, whatever Mom needed to get her classroom ready. I wasn’t the best student ever but I feel at home in a classroom because of those end of the summer rituals.

Classrooms look pretty similar wherever you go, the one thing that is different is how each teacher visualizes the best way to work with their students. What is always a standard fixture? A bookshelf. How do those bookshelves get filled? Some from the school but more often than not, from teachers using their own money to pull books in. Teachers search high and low for deals (there is no more frugal and savvy shopper than a teacher) to stock their classrooms.

Court’s Kids was designed to support those savvy shoppers, those wonderful teachers who acknowledge that kids learn in different ways and are motivated by different things. We specifically help those early childhood and special education teachers. Earlier this month I received an application from a special education teacher who had lost their funding and in turn lost their building. They borrow classroom space. Not okay in my mind. But I would imagine that they aren’t the first to experience this.

Our event on the 21st, The Big Sort, will help us pack up books for this school and all our partner schools. We can use books, and help with shipping costs. To learn more about how you can help visit our How To Donate Page. Teachers, I implore you, raise your hand and contact us at we really want to help you supply your classroom library and have books for your kids to take home and build their own libraries.

Little by Little,


books for special education

First Day of School 1984 - Dad, Kiki & Courtney (as usual paying very close attention)

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