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Favorite Books

August 2, 2010

As we head into late summer I started thinking about some of my favorite summer reads, or just favorite stories in general. We’re gearing up for The Big Sort later this month on the 21st so I haven’t had a ton of time to read but we all make time for things right? Colin has always been a big fan of books, my little “reader” heads for the bookshelf just about as often as he heads for the toy pile. Lately he’s loving anything with farm animals as the central characters. We’re learning all the sounds thy make and he loves saying “Neigh” and “Baaa”,  “Mooooooooo” and my personal favorite, a tiny “hoo hoo” for the owl. We point at all the dogs, cats, cows, horses, owls make all the sounds and just spend time together. Its the best part of my day.

Along with all the fun farm animals he always heads back to the standards, the books that no matter what new ones catch his attention, always get equal time at the end of the day. We rotate between “Goodnight Moon”, “Is Your Mama a Llama?” and “Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers” by our Court’s Kids friend Laura Numeroff. It made me think of my favorites, the standards in my world, books I’ve always loved and, every once in awhile, will pick up and read a chapter or two just for comfort. For me, “Lonesome Dove” has always been a fixture. My copy is tattered and dog eared, I believe some of the pages even have a little ocean water on them from beach vacations (sorry Daddy, yes you did teach me to take better care of my books).

Maybe its the Texas girl in me, but I love it. I see a little of Courtney and me in Gus and Call…they fought like cats but were inseparable. The epic journey is wonderful, McMurtry weaves such beautiful pictures that you can almost taste the dust, smell the cattle, see the big open Texas sky. Just recently the miniseries celebrated its 20th anniversary. Seeing the feature story in Texas Monthly (yes, we get Texas Monthly in Oregon..a gift subscription to my husband form my Mom…she’s trying to turn him into a Texan little by little) made me go find my copy and read the first chapter. Something about settling in to a familiar story, a great epic journey, is incredibly comforting. That’s what books are for right? To take you to another place, explore something new and different or revisit something familiar maybe a place you are far away from.

Its times like these that only spur my excitement for our project even more. If we can provide a handful of kids with a book they can love, find adventure in, comfort in, then we have done far more than we set out to do.

I can’t wait for our Big Sort…I know we will find some favorites and help find them new homes.

Little by Little,

Texas girls

West Texas Girls


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