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The Big Sort – An Update

July 27, 2010

It is coming together friends! Our first annual sorting event, aptly named The Big Sort will take place Saturday, August 21st. This event is designed for us to come together, sort and package gently used books we’ve collected for our partner schools. This last school year we donated almost 7,000 books, we are gearing up to start this school year off with a bang.

summer reading

Excited Summer Reader

The goal is to present each of our partner programs with one of our “Books by the Boxful” packages so the kiddos have a new books to come back to. At the end of this last school year we worked together with our friends at the Shadow Project to distribute books as part of an extra credit program which provided them with new books to take home to keep for the summer. Almost 500 books were earned through this program. We want to be sure they come back from summer break to a little surprise.

So off we go, sourcing books and gathering volunteers to help on the 21st. We’ve had great response and promises of support so far so thank you, friends. To learn more about how you can support The Big Sort email us at

It’s coming together.


An original piece from one of our friends

Little by Little,


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