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Books for Back to School

July 21, 2010

Lately we’ve been talking about our upcoming event, “The Big Sort!” which is scheduled for August 21st. This will be the day that we sort through donated books to supply our partner programs and schools. We’ve received great local support from volunteer sorters, it should be a great day! We can always use books so if you would like information on how you can help, shoot us an email at

To provide a little history to our new friends and supporters, this time last year Court’s Kids was just an idea. I was a new mom, trying to figure all that business out without the help of my super mom baby sister to show me the ropes. Everyone always says things like “if I’d only known I would have…” I really never saw myself saying something like that. But there I was, just weeks after Courtney’s funeral and wishing I’d spent more time with her, learning the mommy ropes and just knowing my sister.

When Lee (my brother and co-founder of Court’s Kids) and I put our heads together the idea seemed a little crazy but simple…Courtney’s passion was to help children with special needs…so we should do that. I had book connections and Lee knew the nonprofit world and together we had Courtney’s passion. Our Books by the Boxful program is intended to provide classrooms with a small library of books every few months. These books are intended for the kids to take home to keep and build their own home libraries. With budget dollars in high demand and decreasing all the time, the money for books intended for “fun reading” is minimal if nonexistent. It is (in my opinion) that “fun reading” that drives children to love reading and promotes literacy.

Court's Kids Special Education Book Supply Program

Hazel Dell Special Education Program - AKA Court's Kids!

Next month we will kick off our support for the new school year for our friends and partner schools. Our Books by the Boxful program provides a box of about 150-200 books to special education and early intervention programs. We can use books and we can use funds to sponsor shipping of boxes (which ship for about $25-$30 per box). For more information visit our How To Donate page or email

For teachers and/or parents of children with special needs, please email us to learn more about how to get books for your child’s classroom. These books are meant for you.

We’re proud of our first year, 7,000 books donated and over 15 schools and programs supported. This year I want to double that…

Little by Little,

books for special education

First Day of School 1984 - Dad, Kiki & Courtney (as usual paying very close attention)


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