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The Book Fairy Came!

July 14, 2010

Well, okay, he looks nothing like a fairy but he sure delivers for his company. This week our very generous partners, River City Books, donated another pallet of children’s books for our Big Sort event next month. Within hours of our request, our friend Rafael arrived with a van load of books for Court’s Kids. As always he arrived with a smile and helped me load everything into my car. To give you and idea of volume, a pallet contains 28 boxes of books, each box holds (on average) 150-200 books…

We are truly blessed as an organization to have such great partners. Thank you RCB!! If you want to support our partners, consider them when you buy your next used book, much of what we do is possible because of their generosity.

summer reading

Excited Summer Reader

Our first Big Sort event is coming together nicely, we should have a date set soon and I will share with you all the details. We can always use more books, we’ve developed great relationships with area schools and they need books for the new school year! We can also use funds to help offset our shipping costs, for about $25-$30 a box of 150 books can be sent to a needy program.

Stay tuned, more to come.

The Trailblazer Packed to the Gills

Little by Little,


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