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Ready for School…Already?

July 12, 2010

I used to consider thinking about the upcoming school year in the middle of the summer was a bummer. But, this summer I’m excited to think about the upcoming school year. Last year we started out with our very first Books by the Boxful donation box in September. The box was shipped down to our pilot program, Klamath Falls Early Childhood Intervention. This is an amazing program with an even more amazing staff and where Courtney used to work. We were so excited to kick off our program with our K-Falls friends. It went swimmingly, the box only cost about $22 to ship and delivered 200 books to their early intervention program.

This fall, we have 15 schools that we have partnered with so far and several more we support indirectly through our work with the Shadow Project. Needless to say we need to start a little earlier this year gathering books and preparing boxes for distribution. With that in mind we’re working on the details and plans for our next big event aptly named “The Big Sort!”. Those of you who have been following us know that we get pallets of books donated periodically from our friends at River City Books. Once we get a pallet the work begins to carefully sort through hundreds of books. As we sort we fill each Books by the Boxful box with an assortment of K-5 reading level and prepare it to be easily shipped out to our partner schools. Each box holds, on average, between 150-200 books and costs about $25-$30 to ship.

Late next month we will hold a sorting day to stock up for the coming school year. As special education programs and budgets have been cut or reduced, teachers have been let go, it is even more critical that we supply as much of these essential tools free of charge to needy special education and early intervention programs. It should be a fun day, dusty work and a touch of manual labor but, so worth every minute.

During the month of August we will also be accepting book donations to support Books by the Boxful. If you have gently used children’s books that you would like to donate to our program email us at . We can also use help with shipping costs so if you’d like to sponsor a box let us know!

More details to come. But for now, enjoy a little sunshine, read outside with a little one, and soak up the summer.

Little by Little,

books for special education

Enjoying the Sunshine


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