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Words from Young Readers

June 29, 2010

Coming back home to Portland from our journey to Texas I found ,in my mailbox, letters from our friends at the Shadow Project. If you’ll recall, we’ve been working with this amazing organization for a while now. We’ve supplied books to their Shadow Store (where kiddos can turn in the “bucks” they’ve earned for reaching educational goals) and most recently we worked together on an extra credit program which allowed the kids to earn extra books for summer reading.

books for children with special needs

Building Home Libraries & Staying Engaged

The results were great, somewhere around 500 books were earned through the program. To earn these books the kids had to write a note about what they like to read and turn it in to their teacher. One child loves books about dogs, another prefers princesses, yet another mystery stories, some Twilight fans, and some just want funny stories to read. All were excited about the books for the summer.

I came home to a stack of those letters..what a gift to come home to! And so timely, just as we left El Paso, a year after losing Courtney. Now I’m back home, back to work and life and the letters from these amazing kids to remind me of the great impact we can have and have had already. Over the course of the next few days I will share some of the letters with you. Many of them came with beautiful drawings and all expressing excitement about reading.

Courtney would be over the moon.

Friends, it has been a tough month. Than you for taking the journey with me. Now, we move ahead, with full focus on our mission…and my personal mission of more letters from little readers.

children reading

My Little Summer Reader

Little by Little,


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