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A Light

June 26, 2010

Today we honor the memory of Courtney Dunbar Bunfill. It was on this day, one year ago that she silently slipped away from us. She did nothing silently in her life, she approached life with reckless abandon and lived with a passion for helping children succeed.

Last night we had a gathering at my parent’s house, many familiar faces came. Everyone from Lee’s kindergarten teacher, to the woman who taught Lee, Courtney and me to love music, to just about every one of our neighbors. It was a sea of smiling faces, faces we’ve known a long time, faces who have been strong supporters of our road through this loss. We laughed, told stories and shared smiles and hugs, it was wonderful.

Tonight is our last night in El Paso, Courtney’s birthplace and the place where we grew up. It is a unique town, an interesting corner of the universe, different, special, home. One of El Paso’s most visible landmarks are the Franklin mountains and on the side, a star, which is lit every night.

A Star for Courtney

Tonight it will be lit in Courtney’s honor.

We love you Court.

Little by Little,


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