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Coming Home

June 24, 2010

Yesterday we touched down in El Paso where Gramma was waiting for us and it was 100 degrees. We made it through the two flights and 4 hour layover in LAX fairly unscathed. Colin was a champ, he slept most of the first flight, spent most of the layover walking around the  airport waiving at people and exploring then slept through the majority of the next flight. By the time we hit El Paso he was ready to rock and roll.

We’re staying at Grandma and DadDay’s house, of course, the house where Courtney and I grew up. Colin ate his dinner in the same high chair I sat in when I was his age. It was passed on to Courtney and then Lee. The sight of him in happily shoveling mac and cheese in his mouth sitting in this little piece of history made me smile and get a little teary.

passing down of heirlooms

Sitting in Mommy's Chair

Today he took his very first swim ever…in the pool where Courtney and Lee and Jane and I spent all our summers. He loved it, like a little fish we could barely get him out.

first swimming lesson

My little fish

It’s strange being here. It looks different, my parents have made some updates here and there but there are details that are still very much the same. The same as the day we moved in, waiting for the moving truck to arrive with all our things, all five of us running from room to room exploring and imagining what our furniture would look like in this house. The same as when we were all piled into my bedroom every Christmas Eve feeding of each others excitement and staying up all night. The same as when I had my graduation party and when Courtney brought her babies home for the first time. Details that make me stop for a moment and really miss my sister at my very core.

But those moments are coupled with really happy ones, I hear Colin giggling at Gramma, we’re preparing for family friends to visit tomorrow night, making new memories while we share and keep close to the old.

Little by Little,


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