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Down in the West Texas Town of El Paso

June 22, 2010

I’m heading out tomorrow on a journey, and I thought I would take you along with me. We’re going down to El Paso, Courtney’s birthplace and where she and I grew up. We’ll meet her friends and family, many of the people who made Courtney who she was and helped support the creation of Court’s Kids. It is this week, the anniversary of her death that I travel down to be close to my family and remember her. She is the reason we have done what we’ve done this year and I want you to know where she came from.

So, off we go.

But first, the business of packing and getting our little family ready for travel. I have been doing as all moms do days before a trip, trying to visualize how to get all of the things your 14month old might possibly need, as well as all of the things you might need into one suitcase to avoid paying the insane ‘per bag’ fees our lovely airline friends are charging these days. I dug out my favorite travel purse which resembles more of a small suitcase and packed it full of goldfish, graham crackers, cheerios, new little cars to play with, our favorite board books..anything to keep a toddler entertained for a 2-3 hour flight.

I ran through the house tonight doing laundry, packing, organizing, cleaning, all that business. And it went strangely well….I’m actually stunned I can write at this point. I was expecting to be up all night getting everything done. I’m having one of those Super Mommy moments where I walk around the house imagining Whitney and a robed choir behind me singing “I’m Every Woman”.

I MUST be forgetting something critical….

Oh well, more to come as I make my journey home, to the town where we grew up, to the house where Courtney and I were little girls…home…

West Texas Girls

Little by Little,


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