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Little by Little

May 26, 2010

Every so often someone asks me, “Hey, why do you sign your posts Little by Little?”

When we first started working on Court’s Kids it was just an idea, a thought, something to help us deal with Courtney’s passing which was only 3 months new. Wounds were still fresh, band-aids just barely applied.  In the early days Lee and I just emailed each other back and forth, and as we made a little progress, found out a little more, got a little closer to bringing this to reality, I would sign my emails with Little by Little. It stuck and became a critical piece of our brand. It represents how you reach a big goal, something that seems so far out of reach it almost feels a little silly to believe in.

Today I got a really wonderful surprise well, Colin did actually. My mom ordered a ton of books from my son’s school book fair a few weeks ago and when I picked him up at school today the order was waiting for him in his cubby. I was excited for new books to share with Colin. He’s starting to walk now so he’s all over the place…all the time…often the only time he will sit still is to look at books. So we grabbed our new stack of books from Grandma and headed for home.

early reading

Colin Sitting Still, Reading with Mommy

Getting home and settled in for dinner is always a circus (big surprise right moms?) so after dinner, bath and bottle is when we usually have time for a book or two (or the same one over and over). In our new set of books was a sweet surprise, a book called “Little by Little” by Amber Stewart & Layn Marlow. It is about Otto the otter. He can do lots of things, except for one important thing, swim. He tries and tries with little success. He wants to join his friends but cannot, he often spends time “on his favorite slippery rock” wishing “from his whiskers to his toes” that he could swim. It’s not  until his sister tells him that he has to start small, try a little at a time and build on it, that he begins to learn.

Here I sit, exactly one month to the day away from the anniversary of Courtney’s passing, looking what we’ve done. As silly as it sounds I felt like this book was a little gift from her today.  In very simple terms it describes how you conquer something big.

Little by Little.

This time last year Court’s Kids didn’t exist. To date, we’ve donated almost 7,000 books and work with 15 schools and early childhood programs. Nothing has ever been so hard and so easy at the same time. How did we do it? One step at a time. How do the children we serve meet their goals? How do they reach the next level, the next step? A little at a time.

As Otto the otter’s sister tells him in the book, “You see. You started small…and finished BIG!”

We’re hardly finished. But, we’re off to an amazing start.

books for kids

Kiki, Courtney & Lee

Little by Little,


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