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Welcome New Friends

May 19, 2010

This week we’ve had amazing traffic, lots of new visitors to the site, hopefully you’ll keep coming back to visit us often. Our mission is simple, carry on the dream of my late baby sister, she wanted to help children with special needs.

Today I had one of those amazing little experiences, they last all but seconds but stick with you all day. I stopped by to visit our friends at the Vancouver Early Childhood Center to drop off a box of books. We’re supporting their summer program by supplying books for the classroom and books for the kiddos to take home. That is one of the main goals of Court’s Kids, help kids start their own home libraries.

Now, I have to say that the weather here in the Northwest has been a little disappointing lately, as a West Texas girl its a little tough to have lots of rain in the spring but I’ll live. This morning was one of those that reminds you that when the sun breaks through, it is flat out gorgeous in this part of the country. I pulled in to the parking lot, full of big yellow school buses. It was just after 8am and happy little faces were jumping out of buses left and right. Those of you who’ve been following us know that this was one of Courtney’s jobs, transportation, making sure every little body got off and on the right bus. She took it very seriously, even coming close to having some words with a crabby bus driver…but that was Courtney, no patience for adults and all the patience in the world for children.

So, here I was, sunshine breaking through the clouds, wet ground, happy kiddo noises everywhere, smiley faces. I felt Courtney, this was her world, I felt close to her. As I handed the box of books over to the director of the school, after a welcoming hug, I was touched with Courtney’s spirit, she was here. Here I am, fulfilling her dreams, a small group of kiddos are enrolled in the summer program, Courtney gave them books today.

New friends, your help is critical (please visit our How to Donate page), your support helps us keep doing just what we set out to do…providing children with special needs the environment they need to thrive.

Kiki & Courtney at a Picnic on the Rio Grande 1983

Little by Little,


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