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New Friends

May 4, 2010

This week we began developing a relationship with a wonderful school in Arizona. We’ll be sending them a box of books soon but they have a great idea to share. This incredible teacher has been wanting to start a pen pal program with her students, where they read the same book as their pal and write to each other about it. They will practice not only their reading skills but also reading comprehension and writing. How cool is that? Teachers – if you are interested in participating email us at for more information.

In other news, we are so excited to have writer R.L. Stine guest blog for us tomorrow night! Those of you who have been following us are familiar with our Readers Reflect series where readers talk about what made them love books. We’ve inviting our own readers but also authors and industry experts to share. We’re thrilled to kick the series off again tomorrow night with beloved the Goosebumps series author R.L.Stine (FYI – Courtney would be flipping out right now, she LOVED spooky stories and RL Stine).

I’m so thrilled that this is how we kick this series off again. My sister loved spooky stories, she loved stories in general and I am so happy to share that with you. I fell as though I am getting to share her with you, our readers, more and more. She was amazing and I wish you all could have known her the way I did. Recently NPR did a story on grief, which dove into poets who describe the process of losing someone close to them. One poem struck me, Steven Dobyn’s “Grief”

“Trying to remember you

Courtney, introducing her babies to the ocean

is like carrying water
in my hands a long distance
across sand. Somewhere
people are waiting.
They have drunk nothing for days.”

Trying to remember Courtney is not difficult for me, I don’t go very long each day without remembering my baby sister. But remembering her for you, is something I strive to do. I want you to know her.

Little by Little,


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